To prove my skills, I’ll be developing some tools using React JS. Please, be aware these that some of these tools are still under development and placed completely off WordPress, meaning that you should NOT introduce any personal information althought the data won’t be ever stored.

Starting a project from scratch let me show my skills on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Version-Control Systems and Runtime Environments. These tools will be designed to look pretty, however the focus will be on functionality.


Batou is a SPA game developed for desktops and mobile devices. It’s still under development.

Feeling curious? Alright, check it out:


This WebApp retrieves data from MyMiniFactory API, a London based 3D printer company. It can sort elements by featured property and has a loading screen while retrieving data.

Music List Tool

With this web app users can create music lists sorted by genres, bands and albums. So far, the most important features are: add new music, remove elements (songs, albums, etc), collapsible lists.

Please, note that the design is made for desktops but not yet for mobiles since what I only want to show is my knowledge on React.JS. Responsive design will be available in a future. To have a look at the repository, click here.


This is a project I did from Codecademy, so there is nothing to be proud of, but it still shows my knowledge about React. Click to go to its GitHub’s repository.


Like the previous project, this is the final project from Codecademy’s React course. Click to go to its GitHub’s repository.

GitHub - Fran Rodriguez