Some of the stacks used: ReactJS, GatsbyJS, GraphQL, Axios, NodeJS. To see more projects, visit my GitHub.

Web Scraper

API to scrape a web page and get a screenshot or the links on it. Used NodeJS, Express and Puppeteer.

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Simple website for tattoo artist Yoeng.TTT using GatsbyJS. Built in 2023.

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LoveDogs London LTD

Website built using Gatsby for the company LoveDogs London LTD in 2022. For this website, I designed an image viewer from scratch. Built in 2022.

Although the design is not to my liking, it is the best I could do after much advice to the client. That eternal battle…

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Unofficial website I built for the spanish comedian Facu Diaz, where you can play the sounds of his shows. This website is built in a comedy tone due to the nature of the project. Built in 2022.

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Batou is a SPA game developed for desktops and mobile devices. Built in 2021. Currently discontinued.

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This WebApp retrieves data from MyMiniFactory API, a London based 3D printer company. It can sort elements by featured property and has a loading screen while retrieving data. Built in 2021.

Music List Tool

With this web app users can create music lists sorted by genres, bands and albums. The most important features are: add new track, remove items (tracks, albums, etc), collapsible lists. Built in 2020.

Please note that the design is intended for desktop computers. To have a look at the repository, click here.

GitHub - Fran Rodriguez