Some of the websites built using the insufferable WordPress. Although I think it’s a great and necessary tool, I can’t help being angry about it for several reasons. Currently I don’t accept any more projects that require CMSs.

La Vida Es

Website for an Spanish and English academy located in the South of Spain. 2021. Modified by others since then.

Corrales Espinosa

A novel family-run winery.

José, its owner, thought of his own particular method of winemaking. It seems that he found the key, since he needs to face a great demand for his new wine. 2021.

This website’s design was made by Eva.


AndaluGeeks is a group of developers, graphic designers and linguistics that work to make new softwares to help the Andalusian language stand out. I built this website so that they can publish all their works. 2018. Modified by others since then.

Estudio Bola

Jesús Bola is a composer from Spain. He produced music for artists like Camarón, Matt Bianco or Paco de Lucía. This website was built in the 2017.

GitHub - Fran Rodriguez