I was born in a city in the south-west of Spain in the 1992. My interest for technology came since I was a child thanks to my parents, even thought I always thought I’d study psychology. It wasn’t until I saw HTML for the first time at school that I realised it was something I actually liked, and few years later I did my first courses focused on developing webapps and also apps for Firefox OS, which today is a discontinued system.


I started my own company

I came to London in the 2014 for the first time and fell in love with the city. At that time I never worked as a developer but kept studying it as still felt it was something I was really into. In the 2016 I went back to Spain for one year and I started my own company with two partners located in London, it was called Sekkend and we run it for almost 1 year. We offered websites built both using or not CMS and I was in charge of the Front-End/responsive design, but because of the size of the company sometimes I also had to do other roles, just like my partners had to when we were busy.


Back to London

After that experience I came back to London again in the 2017 and since then I consider this city my home. I always wanted to take the next step and search a job as a web developer but never felt completely ready for it, something that changed last March after quarantine started and I focused all my time on improving my skills and knowledge. Now I feel completely ready for it.


Fran Rodriguez
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